About Us


Founded in November 1, 2009, APES.My also known as ASIA .  PC . EXTREME . SYNDICATE
is a ONE-OF-A-KIND High End PC gaming and Water Cooling Systems STORE in Malaysia. Housing mostly high end wares, and our dedication to sourcing top of the line gaming hardware and cooling solutions. Our focus on YOU, the PC Enthusiasts, PC Modders, and PC Extremers.

To ensure we provide you with the best shopping experience, we pledge to you :
(Our Client Charter)

1. Our Response to Fans, Customer, and Peers will be in the manners below :

2. We will ADD VALUE to our Fans, Customer, Peers, the Malaysian IT Industry, the Community and to Ourselves.

3. We will take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for our actions, and will COMPENSATE and IMPROVE on any of our shortcomings.

4. We will do the RIGHT thing, all the time, EVERYTIME.

5. We will OBSERVE and PROTECT THE RIGHTS of our Fans, Customer, and Peers.

6. We will TRY HARDER, and will continue to IMPROVE on the Promises made above.

Lock & Load people. We’re about to raise the bar of awesomeness in ASIA PC World. Get ready for the Extreme Syndicate. Get ready for the APES Evolutions!